Sunday, August 17, 2014

Early board gamers

It has been an on-going process to get C (now 3) to reasonably play board games.

Today I played the Ravensburger game "Rivers, Roads & Rails" with C and R (now 5).

C continues to have problems remembering to keep the game pieces together and not walking off and playing with them. At one point ze put pieces in a train.

Still, we are seeing progress. The last time I tried to play a game with C, ze ended up dumping the game on the floor. This time, while attention did wander, there wasn't any purposeful destruction.

We were playing by the official rules, but we limited it in terms of time. Once the time was up, we counted the pieces and the one with the fewest pieces won. This seemed to map cleanly to "the winner runs out of pieces first".