Monday, December 13, 2010

Shifted Meaning

[Next time I'll talk more about what I mean with this.]

The universe spins around us.
Touching, singing, whispering and laughing.
We only see what we want to see,
what we hope will be, and expect to find.
Our senses trusted absolutely,
until the day they prove unkind.

The universe spins beside us.
Befriended, trusted, steady and reliable.
What is true remains true,
even if one's senses have said otherwise.
The reliability of the universe is absolute,
You need faith. Believe boy. Believe!

The universe spins inside us.
Strange, mysterious, weird and unknown.
We are alone in the universe,
touching only fragments of ourselves.
We know only what we choose to know,
disbelieving what can not be.

The universe spins behind us.
Distorting, twisting, changing and bending.
Words of peace are used to kill,
words of freedom are used to ensnare.
Lies, mistruths and misunderstandings,
meanings change, yet words remain unaffected.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The nonfiction book

Well, I've been thinking of doing it with this blog for a time, so I may as well make my intentions public.

The ultimate goal is to create a number of articles and essays on this blog which can be leveraged in a work of non-fiction related to my faith. To work toward this end, I've imported the existing articles in to Scrivener. At a later date, I'll work on importing partial drafts.

Since I'm going public with this intent, I'll probably do a little proper outlining so I make sure I cover what I want to cover. Scrivener makes this easy, and will allow me to easily tell when I have a larger article (which can be split for multiple posts) as well as allow for easy rearrangement and restructuring of the book.

The existing posts currently amount to about 10k words. Truthfully, it is more than I expected. I expect it to go fairly smoothly once I get an outline in place.

Monday, December 6, 2010

November was a success

November was a success. I wrote a 50k word YA Fantasy novel that needs a lot of editing, but does include a plot, character development and (surprising to me) a fairly solid theme.

While this blog is important, I'm going to drop to twice a month, as I had a lot of fun writing fiction and I want to make more time for it.

Other than the occasional mentions of it, this blog will remain focused on non-fiction.

I was hoping for a real post today, but alas my weekend was filled with other things. I'll have at least one real post this month, and I'll be shooting for two.