Monday, December 13, 2010

Shifted Meaning

[Next time I'll talk more about what I mean with this.]

The universe spins around us.
Touching, singing, whispering and laughing.
We only see what we want to see,
what we hope will be, and expect to find.
Our senses trusted absolutely,
until the day they prove unkind.

The universe spins beside us.
Befriended, trusted, steady and reliable.
What is true remains true,
even if one's senses have said otherwise.
The reliability of the universe is absolute,
You need faith. Believe boy. Believe!

The universe spins inside us.
Strange, mysterious, weird and unknown.
We are alone in the universe,
touching only fragments of ourselves.
We know only what we choose to know,
disbelieving what can not be.

The universe spins behind us.
Distorting, twisting, changing and bending.
Words of peace are used to kill,
words of freedom are used to ensnare.
Lies, mistruths and misunderstandings,
meanings change, yet words remain unaffected.

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