Monday, July 26, 2010


The goal of this is to have a weekly blog about polytheism. As I am a parent with distinct opinions about child-rearing this seems an appropriate place for that as well. The blog will be primarily updated Monday morning, to honor the Moon's day. (This has the benefit of giving me the weekend to write it if need be.) With any luck there will be bonus updates as well, but the goal is weekly on Monday.

When I talk about polytheism it is distinct and separate from most forms of neopaganism. Some neopagans only actually believe in two deities, a male deity (or Lord) and a female deity (or Lady). Additionally, it isn't uncommon in some neopagan communities to find deities treated as being amalgams responding to any deity name you can throw out. I'm not like that at all.

When I say that I am a polytheist, I mean it. I believe in an infinite number of deities with an infinite number of forms and an infinite number of names. Names are meaningless, as every deity has an infinite number. Only trust the names they give you, as -- for you -- they are most likely to respond to that name. I have more to say on this topic, but it will wait for a later post.

What do I mean by the title of the blog?

The word "daemons" can mean, roughly, small gods. This directly ties in to the polytheist aspect of the blog as most of the deities I pray to are not commonly acknowledged. They are not the "big" deities as it were. "Raising Daemons" then, could mean uplifting small deities to a greater state of divinity -- effectively creating larger deities.

The fact that the blog will also cover some parenting stuff is also covered with the name nicely. The word "daemon" was used for the venerated ghosts of dead heroes. If I aspire to raise a great and mighty child who -- through whatever she decides to do -- can magnificently change the world for the better then it is logical to hope that she may eventually become a daemon.

I see it akin to Christians hoping that their children learn to be Christ-like, or Buddhists hoping their children learn the Buddha-nature. If you are down with ancestor worship at all it is only natural to aspire to raise a child worthy of praise and worship in the future ages. The more great and mighty people we raise the better the future can become.

I am looking forward to comments, as I plan to have posts in the future discussing things brought up in comments. If ever you find you need further explanation, please chime in! If you have a question -- even one unrelated to the current post -- please ask! Around these parts there are no stupid questions, though depending on your expectations there may be some really strange answers.

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